From Raphaella With Love

As you look the work of other photographers and model’s work there are always those who stand out head and shoulders from the crowd.  One such person for me was Raphaella whose images I had been an admirer of for some time.  She has a stunning portfolio of work and always seems to bring such a sense of style and grace to her images.  This put her very high on my list of people to work with.  When the opportunity came up to shoot with her at Banana Studio in Newcastle I naturally jumped at the chance and was looking forward to the day immensely.  Raphaella certainly didn’t disappoint and was an absolute joy to work with, looking through the images after the shoot there were so many that I liked that I was hard pressed to choose, below are just a small sample from the day, no doubt more will make it here over the coming months.  Great day all round with a very classy lady.