The End of the Pier Show

Saltburn Pier is a place I’ve had in my mind for a while now as a cool location for a shoot.  It has had quite a long and interesting history, it’s coming up to 150 years old now, and is one of the few remaining piers on the east coast of England.  It has had a few narrow escapes down the years but is now looking better than ever thanks to a sizable lottery grant.  The plan was to do an early morning shoot fashion, starting at 7am gulp!! and style it according to the weather conditions.  As it turned out the sky was quite heavy and dramatic so I decided to try and emphasise that in the images.  Jade Turnbull was the model for the day who is really well suited to this type of shoot and had brought along a couple of floaty dresses for the shoot.  The lighting was a Bowens 500W strobe with a gridded softbox and powered by a Travelpak, though I did have to switch to a beauty dish later on as the wind wouldn’t play ball!!  Over the course of the shoot we worked through a few different sets around the area and tried to make the most of the location.  Overall a really productive shoot which made getting up at some unearthly hour worthwhile!!