Photoshoot with Male Model

One of the most interesting, and challenging,  shoots for me last year was the session with Pip a bodybuilder from Manchester.  He contacted me via the Webmodels  site after looking at my work there and liking the way the images were lit.  At first I was very unsure about taking the project on, dont get me wrong I have no problem shooting guys, but I had spent most of the previous eighteen months researching and practising how to light women and I knew this would take a different set of skills.  The second factor was that he was going to travel a long way for this shoot, very flattering, but also very worrying if I botched it,  he was a lot bigger than me!! lol  After discussing this for a while I decided to go ahead with it, it turned out to be a really positive experience for me and a steep but rewarding learning curve.  I probably put more time into researching and practising for this one shoot than any other to date and we decided on a set of black and white images to show Pip in competition shape.  The images we got from the session I was really pleased with, fortunately so was he.